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With affiliates including Project Leadership Academy and Legal Sword Consult, ELBLS is dedicated to the provision of highly efficient and relevant tailor-made industry capacity-building programs for all levels of staff,

From Junior to Senior Executives and Board of Directors across the formal and third sectors including the public and private services, Faith-based organizations, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).


Project Leadership Academy

This institution, which is an affiliate of El Lead, focuses on Project Management related courses. Much emphasis is placed on Leadership which our institution recognizes as the key driver of business growth and sustainability as well as national development.

Specialized Programs

-Business Plan Development -Project Feasibility Study -Project Report Writing -Project Management Plan Development -Logical Framework Matrix

Legal Sword Consult (LSC)

LSC focuses on legal education for personnel legal training under El Lead programs. We expose staff to relevant legal education necessary for individual or professional growth as well as corporate/business growth and sustainability

Our Goals

ELBLS strategic courses are designed to encourage participation from industry with the collective aim of improving business practices.

Capacity-building programmes provide a motivated staff with the needed knowledge, skills, tools and competencies needed to support personal growth as well as corporate strategies and governmental policies for the attainment of desired goals.

Again, our capacity-buildingg training courses focus on the development of a vibrant workforce, from entry-level to executive talents (management and professionals).

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